Definitely in the best shape and mood I’ve been in since the start of high school, acne better

I finally managed to reach 90 days after many failed attempts. Pornography was a vast dark cloud over me for more than half of my life and, although I can’t claim to have completely conquered my addiction, I am definitely in the best shape and mood I’ve been in for several years, ever since the start of high school.

Over the past 3 months now:

  • My anxiety and depression have almost completely disappeared; I feel much, much more confident and am no longer afraid to express my opinions, even in front of a sizable group of people. This is particularly evident at my internship where I feel that I am able to contribute to group discussions much more effectually. I also worry much less about how other people perceive me and am much more at ease talking to the opposite sex (girls), because I am more comfortable with myself.
  • My clarity of thought has substantially improved, along with my focus and concentration; I can work away at a task or project for much longer and much more effectively than before without giving up. In addition, my general levels of motivation and enthusiasm have also received a massive boost.
  • My voice has become much more consistent and noticeably deeper.
  • My cardiovascular abilities have shot up significantly. I feel much more performant while swimming and gyming. In general, physical activity has become less laborious for me. Just earlier today, I walked up 7 flights of stairs to work and caught up to the passing light-rail transit city train without breaking a sweat, whereas I would’ve felt totally exhausted 3 months ago.
  • My skin has cleared up considerably. My acne has almost entirely disappeared and my skin feels firmer to the touch.
  • My mood has gotten way better, I’m generally much happier and have a greatly improved outlook on life in general. I’m looking forwards to what tomorrow brings, whereas before I was living day-to-day passively and dreading the thought of having to go back to work or studying for the next test. Now, I know I have the ability to succeed no matter the odds and that optimism has really made a huge difference in how I carry myself every day.

This is just a recount of the tremendous transformations I’ve undergone in the past 90 days/3 months. I am honestly quite proud at how far I’ve come, although this is just the beginning of the road for me. I intend to keep on going indefinitely, to infinity and beyond!

Feel free to ask me questions about my experiences over this time, I’ll be glad to share perspective! It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it 100%.

LINK – 90 days complete! Reflections on my journey

by Transcendate