My anxiety has always been bad; today was different

51 days and chaired a meeting successfully.

My anxiety has always been bad.  Anytime I knew I would have to speak in a meeting I have always experienced sleepless nights and uncontrollable shaking.

Today was different, i been sleeping well and the meeting looked like just any other thing.It works!


I can relate with each of the things you just said.I am 48 days and I am really really looking forward to day 50.
1. I realized my penis looks bigger and I was wondering if it is no pmo, thank you for answering.
2.I have not really experienced wet dreams. I really been wanting to have one but It doesn’t bother me.
3. I been experiencing hairloss but nowadays I have reduced and my hairloss seems to have subsided significantly.

Let’s keep on pushing. Especially chaser effect is your worst challenge at this point as urges have reduced significantly.

LINK – Reduced anxiety

by Chrisk