My brain fog is gone, Greater self-confidence, Less social anxiety, Interactions with women has shifted dramatically for a positive turn

I was going to write my motivation for why I wanted to do this streak and what prompted me but honestly I think people do not care. If you want to read all of that you can read my daily journal. Instead lets just get down to brass tax so that I do not waste your time.

What Helped Me:

  • Cold Showers: The benefits of cold showers helped me overcome any temptation that I was having. When the temptation would get too great I would hop in a cold shower for a minute and immediately notice that the temptation would die. I have become accustomed to cold showers and now use them daily after the gym.
  • Fitness: I started a strict implementation of a daily fitness routine. I like to mix it up with Free weights, kettle bells & gymnastics rings. I feel a great sense of relief when I am done with a work out. I seem to go into a focused trance state and I feel very relaxed when I am finished. I think it is a great way to relieve stress and fight urges.
  • Daily Journal: My Daily Journal here on the NoFap community has helped me tremendously. It is a great way to say what is on my mind, it is very therapeautic. It also makes one become accountable because you now do not want to let down your community. It is also great to see your evolution from your very first post to where you are now and where you are headed. It also serves as a guide as to what steps to avoid. When I have relapsed I wrote down the causes and triggers and causes of why to not make the same mistakes.
    • I also started a gratuity Journal in my NF journal. It makes me see what I have taken for granted and to be happy to be alive. I took the format from the 5 minute journal and apply it daily.
  • Meditation: The building of this habit has had the most profound impact on me. I started meditating with Headspace app. I feel more in control of my emotions and now do not let negative thoughts influence me in any way shape or form. I combined my guided meditation with a daily listening of The Power Of Now audiobook while I do a mobility Routine at the gym.
  • I now live in the present moment, I no longer think much about anything except focusing with a lazer like precision on the topic that I am currently doing.
  • I do not let my emotions get the best of me. If it does not affect me and I have no control over something then I do not let it affect me, I just accept what ever it is for what it is. I am much more stoic now. I am able to think clear and remain calm in stressful situations.
  • I also sense that it has a tremendous positive impact on my control of my addictions. This streak has not been that difficult and I know it is because of meditation.
  • There is a daily check in that you must do in order to advance another day in the game. There is also a daily avatar evolution so everyday that you do not relapse your avatar will continue to evolve. This helped me because I wanted to see the very last evolution of my daily avatar
  • There is a Forum component for your small group so that you can motivate each other to not relapse. If you are facing struggles/urges you can check in the forums or Conquered Self’s Telegram group to get support. It felt very good to have a team behind me giving me tips and congratulating me when I lived to fight another day
  • There are a lot of rewards for surviving the war, not only is the daily avatar evolution great but there are many medals and trophies for suriving the entire war that last 49 days. Many times I did not let myself falter/relapse because I wanted to get all the medals and trophies, it was selfish but it got me results.
  • They made a trailer that explains everything much better than I ever could:
  • Conquered Self: I found a cool community similar to this one but it is made into a competitive game to conquer addictions. It is called Conquered Self where you compete against two teams in order to fight against each with the overall mission conquering your addiction.


  • Self Confidence: My Confidence has gone through a metamorphosis and completly evolved. I now feel comfortable in my own skin, I love myself for who I am. I no longer compare myself to anyone because there is no need to. I am my own person. I walk now with my head held high and tall
  • Deeper Voice: My Voice is deeper, I can feel my lungs vibrate when I talk. My voice now seems to resonate more from my throate and chest. I recorded my voice reading a passage from Dorian Gray on sound cloud from Day 0 and Day 60 and there is definitely a noticeable change. My voice is not Barry White bass level but it does sound deeper and thicker
  • Eye Contact: I now look everyone in the eyes. Always. The girl I am seeing said that I am intense with my eye contact heh. I look into her eyes and I feel I pay more attention to what she is saying to me. When I meet anyone new and we talk it is the same situation where I always look them dead in the eyes when we talk and I do not falter.
  • Social Anxiety: I am no longer ashamed to be myself around people. This could be intertwined with my new found power of self confidence. I am who I am you can leave it or love it and I won’t change myself or mask myself to try to please anyone. I also notice that I am better at talking around people, I always have things to talk about. I like to talk about my hobbies and passions. I am not an asshole however and treat everyone with respect. I am no one to judge others based on personal prejudices.
  • Clear Mind: My brain fog is gone. I attribute this more to meditation.
    • My negativity is completely dead. It has been replaced with positivty and a positive outlook in life. I no longer complain about anything. If it is not in my control then it affects in no way shape or form. I am impartial to these situations.
    • With my brain fog replaced my ambition and my drive to succeed has climbed exponentially. I now know that I can change myself through hard work by NF so I applied those other disciplines into other aspects of my life. I started to apply a hustler’s mentality and I am always looking for angles in which to generate more money.
    • I started living in the present moment. Enjoying the present moment. Not leting the mind wonder and just focus on whatever action I am doing at the moment and giving it my all. So when it is all said and done I can walk away and say that there is nothing more I could have done, I gave it my all. So there ar eno regrets.
  • Women: Interactions with women has shifted dramatically for a positive turn.
  • I no longer have women on a pedestal or look down on them. I see them for what they are, living breathing human beings. They are just like me trying to get ahead in this game called life. Once I internalized and understood this, my interactions with them changed. I just like to go up to someone completely random and have a conversation with them to get to now them.
  • I do not have any more fear of rejection. If I go up to a woman I make my intentions known if I find them attractive and talk to them then ask for their number. If I get it good, if not it is no big deal. They are missing out.
  • I started going out with a girl since starting this streak and I have noticed a tremendous difference from my previous relationships. I am now a lot hornier around her, just the way she looks and talks I like. I like her smell and her voice and everything about her turns me on. We also seem to connect more because now I actually wanted to get to know everything about her instead of just wanting her for sex so our bond is deepr and more special.
  • Guitar: I am playing better each time I touch my instrument. I got better technically in the last 60 days then all my life of playing. I started to do deliberate practice and really work on my weaknesses, such as timing/rhythm, string bending, alternate picking etc. Doing this I sound and play better and learn songs much faster.
  • Duolingo: Started to progress more and more in learning a new language. This is probably my weakest hobby because of inconsistency but I keep trying and trying.
  • Books: I started to read a lot more. I started to apply the knowledge into everyday situations in order to build Wisdom. Many of these techniques/teaching have helped me in many situations at work.
  • Hobbies: I have progressed tremendously in my hobbies in these past 60 days then in my whole life. Because of my new found focus I applied it to mastering new crafts. Doing my hobbies made me into an interesting person because I now always have something to talk about and people are interested in what I say because I am passionate about them.

The plan moving forward: The plan is to continue my daily NF journal until I reach 365 days. The plans is to be PMO free and to just focus on myself and continue to build myself into the man I always though I could be. I first started NF because I wanted to get laid and felt frustrated but now that I have focused on myself I notice more attention from women than ever before and that is becaue I love myself for who I am and that comes across in my interactions with them.

After 365 I will stop my daily NF Journal and just have NF become my life habit and continue it until I am put six feet under. I know that this community and Conquered Self will serve as a catalyst into transforming myself into a better person.

A wise man I talk to once said. “Instead of chasing butterflys, focus on building a garden. The butterflies will eventually show up”

LINK – 60 days

by Hagakure