My husband reached 90 days

Hi Everyone,

I wrote on here a few months back when I first learned about my husbands porn addiction and I wanted to give a brief update on his journey to recovery. (He would do it but he acknowledges that Reddit among other social media sites are a trigger).

He has successfully reached his 90 days reboot and is still going strong! I am so proud of what he’s achieved thus far and I know he’s motivated to keep going.

Some lifestyle changes he’s implemented since starting nofap:

  1. Meditation! He does it on a daily basis in the morning and on days when urges get particularly strong he will meditate multiple times a day. He uses Aware app for those interested
  2. He installed porn blockers and accountability software on all of his devices.
  3. He is seeing a CSAT and joined an SA group-for those interested SA groups are free and you get connected to a sponsor who may act as an accountability partner.
  4. He joined a boxing gym
  5. Started working on unfinished projects and hobbies to keep him busy.
  6. Started doing workshops from rebootnation during his downtime 7, Spends less time on the phone and more with family and friends
  7. We’ve both been more sensual with each other to rebuild intimacy through massage.
  8. Researched the science behind porn addiction.
  9. Created an online vision board of all the things he wishes to accomplish in life as well as mini goals.
  10. He rereads a particular post when he feels he needs more guidance on how to stay on path

Also for anyone who thinks it’s too late or impossible I want to let you know that it’s never to late to make a change in your life, especially if it’s a change for the better. My husband was 10 when he first started watching porn and he’s now 29 and going 90 days porn free.

LINK – My husband reached 90 days

by bradhadair1