My mind is super clear, promoted at work 2 months into NoFap

I completed my 90 days of NoFap for the first time and I feel amazing. It all comes down to training your mind and controlling your instincts. Whenever I felt the urge, I told myself that I am above this and I want to achieve 90 days and never want to relapse.


  1. Clarity of mind – Oh man, this one tops the list. My mind is super clear in terms of observation and processing information.

  2. Concentration – It gives immense concentration on anything you want to perform.

  3. Confidence – This is certainly a booster in the initial days till you reach 40days. After which I felt kind of flat line.

I got promoted at work a month back and cannot tell you how happy I am.


  1. Uninstall all your social media apps and stay away from them. They were the primary source for my earlier relapses.

  2. Whenever there is an urge, remind yourself that you are bigger than this. Try to move away from the place; or go for a walk; listen to some music.

If I can do, all of you can do. All the best guys, cheers!

LINK – Completed 90 days!

By nagesh621