My PIED is gone. Hard as a rock. Sex is amazing. No more sad depressed feelings.

I know it’s not 100 days but hear me out. After not getting past 19 days on NoFap in 6 years, I found pornfree and decided to start there. It took a few relapsed but I’ve finally hit my first goal of 30 days. I never thought I’d be here.

What I’ve noticed so far:

  • I have more time on my hands to do stuff I am interested in like reading about the stock market, taking online classes towards my second Bachelors degree, and I’ve started eating healthier and actually sticking to it (if I can abstain from porn, surely abstaining from shitty food is easier).
  • I still have urges and cravings. They don’t get less intense. If anything I’ve noticed they’re more intense, but after building a substantial streak (for me) it is easier to tell myself no. The imagination gets weaker and weaker the longer you hold out. There will be urges and cravings, and I mean intense cravings, but knowing I have the self control to choose not to look makes me feel empowered and optimistic.
  • I have a gf and haven’t noticed any of the ‘superpowers’ they refer to over in r/NoFap. I find it to be too difficult and still need release and use purely imagination.
  • My PIED is gone. Hard as a rock. Sex is amazing to say the least. No more sad depressed feelings of not being able to keep it up.

All in all I am proud of myself and never want to revert to my old self. I plan to continue doing porn free and hoping to wean myself off of masturbating over the next few months as my imagination continues to weaken.

To everyone who is struggling with relapses. You CAN do it. It’s a choice you make. You have to type in the URL, or choose to continue following IG models, but the reality is to succeed, you literally have to just do nothing. Everyone has the power to change for the better, and it will take some longer than others, but as long as you are persistent and never give up, you too will succeed.

Safe Travels.

LINK – After 6 years of doing NoFap on and off and failing. I’ve finally hit 30 days of being porn free. What I’ve learned.

by TheRealGreenArrow420