My relationships with everyone around me have taken a turn for the best.

This journey have netted me all sorts of benefits, but the one most substantial to me, is that my relationships with everyone around me have taken a turn for the best. I’ve always appreciated my friends, but something happened during the 90 days.

I’m genuinely enjoying spending time with people, instead of wasting my time at home coming up with excuses for not going out with them to festivities. This is thanks to my social anxiety that this addiction brought me.

But nowadays, when im at home not working or going to the gym, the first thing that struck my mind is that i want to socialize with others.
My friends keeps reminding me that I’m more enjoyable nowadays, because I actually want to spend time with them and I feel different. That is what keeps pushing me to not let in on this disgusting and pathetic addictions.

I’ve had a girlfriend for soon to be 6 years now and when we first started hanging with each other up to the second year I was the ordinary ME, joyful, always happy and energetic. Sadly my big brother overdosed a couple of years ago, and I fell into this pit where I felt terrible, but I have always had trouble showing my feelings , so I kinda trapped myself within myself, scared to show my girlfriend what I actually felt. I became more and more restricted and cold towards the ones i loved the most. This resorted to that i used porn as a escape mechanism from reality, where porn gave me the only joy in life except my girlfriend. The thing is i have always had a problem with porn and it only escalated during periods where i felt extra down.

But where do i start, thanks to NoFap, I enjoy life.

My girlfriend confronted me a couple of weeks ago and told me, that “for the past 6 years she has always loved me, but something has changed in you, there is something about you that is so mesmerizing. the only thing I’ve been able to think about is you and my love that keeps growing for no reason. You seem to enjoy everything that you used to do back in the days.”

Guys and girls on no fap, this is my number one benefit from all the other, i have also felt this “New love” for my girlfriend, i feel like i love HER and not the version where i love her but my addiction is pulling the strings.

Times goes faster each day, and there will come a time where you will stop counting the days!

Enjoy your life, don’t count the days!

LINK – 90 days, My Story!

by Rethyms