My self-belief and self-esteem increased insanely. I started to connect with people, whom I value a lot.

First, my personal introduction.
I’m 24 yo, I’m from Russia and I’m currently finishing my master degree of physics, also I’m single. I’ve been trying to stay away from watching P since 2015. I had different results before, so my longest streak was incredible two month in 2016. My main problem and the reason why started doing NoFap is skipping opportunities for having happy life, for making my dreams come true, and everything connected to it. Generally speaking, I was unhappy, had very negative thoughts about myself even I had thoughts about committing suicide, also I felt lonely even if I always had friends to chat with.

I want to go straight to benefits that I see now.

  • My self-belief and self-esteem increased insanely
  • I started to connect with people, whom I value a lot. I even gathered the birthday party with my friends, what I’ve never done before on purpose.
  • I don’t want to discourage you, guys, but I haven’t experienced that big motivational boost or decreased laziness, I haven’t hooked up with any girls, I haven’t climbed a mountain, BUT what I really experienced and what I really proud of is that I become smarter and wiser, though it didn’t helped me with my grades, but I actually started seeing that my previous habits were stupid and pointless. For example, stuffing myself with food. I noticed that half of the times that I approached refrigerator were only in order to hide myself from emotional pain, not for covering physical needs. Another thing that I noticed, that sometimes I got angry for objectively no reason.
  • Another benefit that I also experience is that I started to accept myself as a person, that I have my weakness and also my strength.
  • Last benefit is that I started being grateful for everything what’s happening and what happened in the past, I am also grateful for all efforts that my parents put to bring me up.

During this streak I haven’t been experiencing as smoothly as it could be, so there were problems that I faced.

  1. In the beginning of this streak I went through difficult times, I was so desperate, so I called my mom to relieve my pain. I knew that eventually it would stop, so I just kept going.
  2. Another problem I had was that in a two month period I started edging on P. Luckily, my accounting partner convinced my that it is a vicious circle and that I need to stop doing it.
  3. Last problem I had, actually it was today, I was procrastinating and ended up fantasizing and even started to search for P, but again I stopped myself by thinking that I already knew what was going to happen and how bad I would feel afterwards.

Key habit concept.

I read a year ago a book called Power of Habit. One of important things I’ve got out of it is concept of key habits, that by changing them there will be a chain reaction, specifically, that other habits will change too, but there is two downsides; first – it’s hard to identify the key habit, second – if we change the key habit in bad direction, other habits will also change in the same direction, so we need to be careful we that. I understood by analyzing my life that the key habit for me is P and M. I always had bad performance when I jerked off and had good performance when I abstained from it. I warn you: it can be not your case, that your key habit isn’t the same as mine.

My routine(what I usually did when I had an urge).

  • If I had an urge I would use the panic button or surf on this website,
  • Аfter my urge got easier I changed my tasks, or location, so I wouldn’t come back into edging.
  • Last step, I would analyze the case what was the underlining reason that I started falling in my old habit. It can be procrastination or feeling pressured about important choice or task I need to do.

Other thoughts.

Being constantly busy and controlling my thoughts helped me a lot. Also I want to share with you that NoFap as itself changed my life, but it ignited the process of growth and constant improving. Now I slowly I started adding new habits, such as meditation, reviewing and refining my goals and dreams, my behavior and actions, talking with my relatives(earlier in my life I neglected this important ) to Layring different habits.

Questions from my accounting partners.

  • Do you feel that you objectify women less?

I can’t give exact answer, coz I didn’t really try to hit them up in last half a year.

  • Are you less shy and awkward?

Nope, I’m still shy and awkward, but before I felt bad about it, but now I just that it the way I am. Maybe I don’t feel much shame about myself when I do something. For example, there were times when my roommate suddenly entered our room and while I was watching P, so I was completely caught off guard. Of course I closed the tab, but I felt ashamed about it. My heart was pounding very

  • Do you feel like you are much less self-indulgent, and feel useful to others? (I know you talked about your teaching)

Totally, totally yes! I mentioned before that I don’t indulge in eating, though I like food. The aspect helps me not only to save money, but also being alert and focused. I’ve just noticed when I eat a lot during a day I feel sluggish and unmotivated. Because we have a lot of around us doesn’t mean that we need to devour it all the same for P and dating, there are a lot of porn actresses and real life girls out there, but we don’t need to try all of them. The amount of books, new videos, overall internet content, is also growing exponentially, but we don’t need to watch everything.

In conclusion, I’d say that NoFap is totally worth of it, and if you are on the fence about whether is it good for you or not – just go and check it by yourself. I believe that all benefits which I have now in this streak is the result of sequential steps from previous streaks as well. The result haven’t emerged overnight. To encourage you, guys, I’d say that: if you relapsed or slipped once – know that you are still making progress and eventually your future self will thank you for what you’re doing now!

Things that helped me to stay on the track:

  • PornFree Radio podcast.
  • Speaking out about my problems and seeking for help from community(Accounting Partners) and my surrounding.
  • Emergency panic button(extension in Chrome)
  • Reading and listening book 7 habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey, thought there is nothing about NoFap.
  • Reading threads here.

P.S. Shutout to everyone from Russia.

TLDR: Doing NoFap is great and everyone will find their own benefits in it.

LINK – My first three digit(100 days) streak in my whole entire life! The results.

by Quiet warrior