1 Year – My sex life with my girl is light-years better, I have more time to be productive, I have more will to be active.

I came to realize a while back that I have an addictive personality and I never expected to escape this awful habit. Luckily, I managed to escape, for now. Here is my story.

The problem; porn made me a king. It wasn’t until I escaped this addiction that I realized how much of my life was a lie. I was essentially able to be with any attractive female, or multiple females, anytime I wanted, in any way that I wanted. I was successful, powerful, even godly. Now that’s all over

While there are long-term positive effects of nofap, we mostly pay attention to and experience the placebo effect we enjoy at the start. That wore off around day 90. Still, I saw my confidence higher because of nofap, I did better with women, I even experienced higher testosterone levels… but the more time that went by the more I became aware of how little power I seemed to have. I wasn’t ‘with’ a new female every day anymore, I wasn’t…King, anymore.

I go to a public place filled with women in their prime and I see hundreds of potential mates, all I can think about is obtaining them… but that’s not realistic. My mind is struggling to come off that high that I tricked myself into experiencing for so long, and it doesn’t want to hear that it cannot have all these females. The urge, not to fap, but to ‘obtain’ all these females sexually, is astronomical. Just going out in public can cause me to become depressed for the remainder of the day.

I’m putting these feelings and emotions into words not to stop you all from doing nofap, but rather, to urge you to do it quicker, to stop putting it off. Every moment you spend with your drug it is altering your mind further. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you can just quit later, and it will be okay. Push for it ASAP.

I’ll end on a happier note. I’m a year sober, one year without porn. My sex life with my girl is light years better, and I actually enjoy the process now. I have more time to be productive, I have more will to be active. And people notice. Keep pushing my friends, I’ve put some advice down below, please upvote and comment so others can see.

Feel free to AMA. Love you all

LINK – 365 days… I don’t know how I escaped… one thing I know for sure, porn has effed my mind.

by Socialist-Hero