My thoughts about sex and intimacy seem more ‘natural’ in some respect

Hi everyone, just wanted to say that I’ve gone for my longest stretch ever without porn.

It does indeed feel good!

I went on holiday and read this great book called the porn trap, and haven’t looked back to be honest. That said – I haven’t stopped masturbating – so I feel like I’m one step away from getting to the next stage.

My thoughts about sex and intimacy seem more ‘natural’ in some respect. It might be the idea of being in bed with a girl, the sound of her pleasure, the position we are in bed. There is a subtlety to it that is harder to explain. I’m more turned on by the non visual cues, the feel of something, the sounds..

As opposed to the high visual intensity of porn. Somehow my sexual desire has a more dreamy, almost esoteric tone to it. At the very least, it feels more organic and less porn centered. I’ve actually been having some good sex with a girl too, better then a long time. Perhaps it’s not just the no porn but I have a feeling it is somehow related.

The next step is indeed masturbating. I’d like to get to a two week stage and then see how i do after. Because I have still been fapping, I haven’t necessarily felt the real sexual, primal hunger yet. I do believe that each habit we are trying to change takes time, we can’t do everything at once. I just feel I need to build some NoFap momentum and start to feel the results and then everything will really start to shift.

What concerns me is the lack of boners I get in day to day life. When I’m getting intimate with a girl, it’s definitely there, but otherwise, it’s kind of dormant. I’d like to feel a bit more of a buzz down there as I go about my daily life and feel a bit more turned on.

LINK – 7 weeks no porn

by george29