My view of girls has changed. My social anxiety has improved a lot


At this point right about three months ago I was watching porn and masturbating almost every single day, after many failed attempts to stop these bad habits. In the end of March I decided it was time to stop!

Like I did in both my 30 day check-in and my 60 day check-in, I will list a few interesting things I have experienced along the way.

  1. My View of Girls Has Changed In the last update I was trying to stop looking at women in a sexual way, and asked for your guys’ help. One person in the replies said that it wasn’t possible to completely stop sexualising women, but it is possible to minimize this habit, and that is just what has happened in my case.
  2. My Social Anxiety Has Improved a LOT I don’t know if this is purely because of NoFap, or if it is part of me getting older, but my social anxiety has almost disappeared to the point that I can finally successfully start a conversation with people!

Earlier this year my mind had to wait a couple of minutes so it could finally settle, but now I’m just jumping into conversations like I don’t even know what social anxiety is! Crazy!

So for the future of my NoFap journey, I will just add another 30 days and so on, so I’ll see y’all on my 120 day update!

And also, for the new people of NoFap, just ask me questions if you want to.

LINK – FINALLY! 90 Day Challenge Is Complete!

by MakkeiiThePlayer