My vision of women changed dramatically – met my life partner

The first time that I delved into the realms of porn and masturbation abstinence I was greeted with the most intense feeling of being alive. At this time, I felt fully present and fully aware of my being. It felt as if my aura, something that had long been inactive, had recharged itself and was having a massive impact on every aspect of my life. People of all walks of life seemed genuinely happier and excited to be in my presence, as if I possessed a quality rare and sacred. The opposite sex seemed drawn towards me as if there was an electricity around me, an invisible magnetic power. Even my luck seemed to change, life was bending towards me.

During this time, I would meet the woman who would become my life partner. For my great effort the universe had rewarded the greatest prize of all. Love. I had gone 90 days without masturbation or porn use and had transformed from a lost, depressed and lonely individual into a confident, radiant titan. Like a phoenix rising from the flames. All of a sudden, every gorgeous woman I could only dream of having, wanted me.

However, through this transformation my vision of women changed dramatically. No longer did I desire only to have sex with every single woman that I hoped would pity me. I was more interested in love and spiritual connection. Reaching this point is what ultimately will attract your soul mate. This is what you must go through in order to find love. True love. My addiction to porn and masturbation was a limiting factor to my potential in mind, body and spirit.

I invite you to commit, whole heartedly, to this journey. To go the distance. To rid yourself of the ball and chain of overstimulation and mindless addiction to sense pleasure. To feel what it truly means to be alive.

It is worth it. You will see.

LINK – Phoenix Rising. Beating PMO and finding my Soulmate.

by anewera