New career, marriage better, acountability group helped


After struggling for nearly 15 years it is so refreshing to be clean for so long! I’ve never had so much confidence in myself! I went from being a Verizon wireless sales rep that wanted to kill myself to learning the trades and becoming a general contractor! My marriage has never been better and I’ve never felt so alive! Life still has its challenges but I am very excited for the future and the path I’m on!

[My wife knew about my porn use] even before we were married, but she didn’t realize the extent of my addiction

I don’t know that telling your wife every single time is healthy, at least not until you are showing a large streak of freedom from the addiction where relapse becomes less likely (I’d say at least 3 months). The other most important thing for me was having an accountability group, and when I truly got my breakthrough was when I actually reached out to my accountability partners when I was struggling instead of waiting for them to ask me.

LINK – No, I didn’t forget to update my flair. I’m 475 days clean from porn and masturbation!

By sweaty-pajamas