No brain fog, High energy levels, High confidence, No more social anxiety, More happy in general & grateful, More attracted to females

I’m gonna tell you guys the benefits I gotten straightforwardly

  • Productivity levels skyrocketed
  • No brain fog means I can think clearly and fast
  • High energy levels throughout the day
  • High confidence, Strong eye contact
  • No more social anxiety, I can talk to anyone
  • Loud and clearer voice
  • No more pimples
  • I eat healthy and no more fast food
  • Consistent sleep schedules
  • More attracted to females
  • Can keep good conversations
  • Became more high maintenance in hygiene
  • Less procrastination
  • More happy in general and grateful
  • More creative in ideas
  • Got rid of all bad habits and incorporated good
  • Got frisson more frequently
  • Became more wise and smarter
  • Made more sense when talking
  • Workouts are more consistent and fun
  • Found my passion in guitar

There is a a lot of other benefits I had, but this is all I can think of right now. Good luck to all of you guys that get to read my post!

LINK – 90 days completed!

by Shab0y