No brain fog, More confidence, I can hold conversations with little to no social anxiety, I’m a different person

So I’ve hit 90 days and I’m not undermining my accomplishment, I’m extremely proud of myself for buckling down and going 90 days without pmo, HOWEVER I don’t feel how I expected to feel now that I completed 90 days of nofap.

I get that today literally marks 90 days but I’m still experiencing anxiety and my confidence is not what it was some days during this journey where it felt like I could do anything. Who knows maybe as the days go on my confidence will go up and I won’t experience the anxiety I felt today going out in public.

Maybe it will take 120 days for me to get over what I’m feeling right now or maybe anxiety is just grained in me while I will say that it is way better than before and easier to manage.

I won’t lie I slipped up and looked at some p-subs during my journey and I’ve almost relapsed a whole lot of times the urges were crazy and the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable some days, weeks, and periods of time but I got thru it and I’ll continue pushing.

Looking back pornography has had control of my life since middle school and has caused a lot of problems for me but I’m glad I did it.

The benefits

  • No brain fog(world seems better music sounds better lol)
  • More confidence than before
  • Nervousness anxiety and feelings of depression are more bearable and easy to control now(although I’ve been feeling alot of anxiety lately)
  • Better cold tolerance
  • The want to improve my life, have goals and ambitions
  • Attention from girls/ people treat me differently
  • Some treat me better it seems like and feels like others are intimidated by mestrange
  • Socially I can hold conversations when I want to and oh little to no social anxiety.
  • Better outlook on life shame lifted off my shoulders looking back whether I see it or not I’m a different person

Sorry it was so long but thanks to those who read.

LINK – Hit 90 days

by SpiritualShif