No longer a teenage kissless virgin

When I first began my nofap journey, I was a teenage kissless virgin hitting up Incognito twice a day. At that point, I didn’t know any better. Porn was readily available, and my hormones were up enough to match it. I never had a girlfriend at that point. It was a dream to imagine anything more than what I had; much more the possibility of a real, meaningful relationship with women beyond the degrading shit on my computer screen.

It wasn’t so much NoFap giving me magical wizard powers, rather that this conduit of thinking opened up so much more for me. Nevermind me being a random lurker, there was plenty of content to absorb on it’s lonesome. Self improvement, optimizing my health, cutting out toxic habits and addictions, that list goes on. This place is a gateway for getting out of the dopamine driven fog. Fast forward and things are looking up. I’ve solved the girlfriend problem. I even got fucking laid.

And when I went back to this subreddit after the deed was done, I thought, “heh, guess I don’t have to reset my counter.” I closed out of the subreddit for a new reason. I didn’t have to be there. And though the journey is not done (and it may never be done), thank you. Thanks for helping me, and thanks for helping the countless others who find support and inspiration in this place. love all ya

LINK – Thanks to you, I’m no longer here

By csquestionboy