No more brain fog, Memory is 10x better, Decreased social anxiety, Feel more manly

This is the 2nd time in my life reaching 90 days of NoFap and these are my results:

– Got a gf, and left my parents’ house to live with her.

– No more brain fog, memory is 10x better

– Better posture walking (feel more dominant as a male)

– Deeper voice and no more insecurities

– Social Anxiety is very low, don’t use headphones outside anymore (this was the main reason for doing NoFap – always hiding myself from people by listening to music every time I was outside)

– Way more motivation to everything, began coding 3 months ago and now I seem to improve much more every day and the knowledge stays – before I would forget much of the stuff because of the brain fog (almost job ready)

– Gym lifts are improving a lot every week and eating a lot is much easier than before.

– Feel more manly and deeply responsible for my life, before I would feel safe and comfortable in my parents’ house because I didn’t have to worry about bills, chores, etc., now I have to do it all and still look after my girl, being uncomfortable is what makes you grow, this is the new me.

Hope this helps motivating you guys, never give up and always take it one day at a time. Keep it up!

LINK – 90 Days – Results

by garil2