No more ED, depression, low energy and doubting my sexuality!

I discovered Gary Wilson like most people, through his YouTube video ‘The great porn experiment’. That was in December 2014, when I had just dumped him with my first girlfriend and was noticing the worst symptoms of porn addiction. The need to know what was happening with me, why the things that I liked no longer interested me so much and why I had sexual problems in the last months with my ex led me to come across that video.

In fact, the discovery that there was a porn addiction and its effects answered many questions for me. In the past there were times when I was attracted to hardcore videos and gay porn. Despite the fact that I am heterosexual, this led me to rethink my sexual condition at times. Also the erection problems with many women in the years before meeting my first girlfriend and wondering why I had a permanent state of depression, even though things were going well for me. All of this coincided with the symptoms caused by the lack of energy caused by masturbating every day and sometimes more than once.

This is how I started to stop watching porn and masturbate. In December 2014 by Gary Wilson’s video. Sadly now in 2021 I am still struggling with this addiction. Of course, it is not like before. The symptoms are gone, I have a girlfriend with whom I do not have any problems in bed and I enjoy my life much more than before. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve never been able to get past 53 days without masturbating while watching porn.

In short, although the symptoms no longer affect me as before, I do not want to be dependent on anything or anyone. I want to build an unshakable willpower. Now I have more controlled situations that trigger relapses and I control my emotions more. The fact that this is a problem that affects many more people like me and that many have already overcome it only makes me reaffirm my idea of ​​getting ahead and leaving this addiction behind.

Thank you Gary Wilson for your discovery. Time will undoubtedly put you in a more important place in psychological medicine than you already occupy. Unfortunately, porn has done and will continue to do a lot of damage to society, but your work has helped me to prevent that damage from being greater. Thanks.

LINKNo more ED, depression, low energy and doubting my sexuality!

ByJose Gonzalez