No more red, raw willy; confidence, anxiety and workouts better

One of the things that happens when you give up an addiction that has basically run your life – whether it’s fapping, food, alcohol, weed, getting angry or gambling-Is that the sun comes up in your soul and you say to yourself, “OMG…all that time wasted. Wish I could get that time back.”

Here is what fapping has cost me:

*Intimacy in my marriage (ex) and with my girlfriends
*Lack of sexual interest in my partners compared to what it would be if i hadn’t (done this) this morning, or yesterday, despite the person being in bed with me being someone I am very attracted to.
*Wasting time chasing webmodels who don’t care if I come or go, live or die, just want the money
*Embarrassment – keeping it to myself, but having a secret that I couldn’t even tell a therapist
*The low self-esteem coming from the knowledge that there is something I do that I can’t stop
*Raw and red you-know-what sometimes
*Work projects massively delayed, or late
*One time I parked a car outside my building, went inside to get something, ended up clicking on the computer, fapping to whatever, came down and the car had been towed away. Cost me $250 and four hours to get it back. I was gone 20 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

What I have gotten from NoFap:

*Nothing red or raw – just normal, ready to go if necessary instead of “Uh, oh, what if it doesn’t come up? Geez, leave that thing alone for 5 minutes!”
*The feeling of overcoming something that was making me truly miserable
*Knowing, when i am talking to a new potential partner, that I don’t have to also contend with my OTHER partner
*More time to do more productive things that bring satisfaction
*The overwhelming feeling of wanting to thrust, but understanding that I will thrust when there is someone to thrust with, not by myself because I OBVIOUSLY can’t handle masturbation. :)
*Less anxiety
*Meeting people here who share the same struggles – I am not alone – and posting things which I thought maybe people would attack me for, and they haven’t.
*More energy, better workouts – hopefully my new partner will appreciate! (“Working hard to serve you better.”)
*Looking forward to the day I meet someone I click with and we can do all those things that make having a partner one of the nice things in life.

I’m also pretty severely lonely lately – wow, it really hurts. “But dude, we are in a pandemic, you haven’t been to ANY clubs or restaurants or anywhere there are people – it’s not your fault you are alone.” (He said to himself.)

LINK – On 45 days

By BoraxKarloff