No more social anxiety or depression. More energy. I started talking to girls and girls started talking to me.

Nofap is the probably the best thing I could’ve done for myself, not only did my willpower and discipline increase I also got some benefits from it. These are some examples of what I experienced:

No more social anxiety – I use to care what people thought of me, but on this journey I gained a lot of confidence, I would always wear my hood to school or wherever I went, I was basically a turtle hiding in its shell. Now I could care less what people think / say of me I’m staying in the present and the now. It’s my reality not theirs.

No more depression – damn this is probably the best benefit by far, I remember always being sad and depressed everyday was so dull and boring. Now everyday is the best day of my life, I’m always happy, everyday is filled with positivity and beauty. Im a be real with you guys I low-key felt suicidal at times. All that went away by just not wasting your life essence. I wake up with a smile and I thank the universe for giving me another day to live.

More energy – I use to lay in bed all the time just jacking off 10 times a day watching YouTube in between sessions. Now I pick up my skateboard go outside in nature and live my life.

picked up good habits – before nofap I wouldn’t do anything extra in life I would just be average and do what average people do. I started taking cold showers, meditating, started going to the gym, fasting , quit social media, quit drugs, picked up new hobbies like fishing and skating.

Women attraction – this is probably a hot topic for people, along this journey I started talking to girls and girls started talking to me, let me tell y’all a lil story, I was with my homies like a month ago and we all went to Taco Bell the worker there said she felt my vibe and I was different from all the men she helps out on a day to day basis. She gave me her snap and insta, when that happened it felt so surreal I felt like I was dreaming cuz when I was a zombie draining myself this would never happen. A lot of people look forward to this benefit however, women should not be a priority focus on yourself women come and go.

Better hygiene – lmaoooo I deadass use to shower like once a week and would always wear the same clothes. I was this musty person that looked like a homeless. I would never brush my teeth. I barley washed my clothes or cleaned my room. Now I take care of all that.

I enjoy the little things – whether it’s going outside and being in nature or just having a conversation with someone, everything I do brings me joy. I’m high on life it’s hard to explain you gotta experience it yourself.

I’m tryna keep this short but those are just some of the benefits I experienced, Don’t give in to the demonic entities. I know it feels good, trust me I was addicted for years but it’s not worth it. You can change your life. Don’t be a numb zombie walking around like most guys. 95% of men jack off in today’s society. Do you really want to be like them? Wasting their nuts into a sock or underwear. Nahhhh don’t be like that homies, stay true to yourself, follow the light in your heart, walk your highest path, and fly on the wings of love, peace.

LINK – Made it to 90 days

by PsychedelicMortal