No social anxiety. More attention from opposite gender. No brain fog. Increased motivation & stamina. Improved Confidence

Hey all, finally got 40 Days in !!! Woo–hoo !!!

You can too — anyone can !!!!!!!

Some of the benefits:

1. No social anxiety; 99% of time relaxed, calm, cool; easier to be sociable. If I do start to get nervous I think, “What do I have to be fearful about?” And calm down in about 2 seconds.

2. More attention from opposite gender — without trying

3. No brain fog; can concentrate easily. Can think clearer under pressure.

4. Increased motivation

5. More Stamina — can hang in their longer at work (be tough) and complete projects; can work overtime, while others can’t

6. No fears; high levels of testosterone = strength and don’t take bs. (No one has messed with me in 52 days +.)

7. More Free time for Good things — (not going to phony porn sites; fapping to pixels; lusting, etc.)

8. Women are becoming less & less of a priority or need. Why get married only to get sex once per month — when I can have a nocturnal emission/really cool dream about as often?? Difficult to find a good…normal… fair-minded woman. Most are very selfish in my opinion.

9. Improved Confidence — (online comment) “porn and masturbation lowers your self-esteem and confidence”

10. More Respectable — (online comment) “if you resist the urge to masturbate — a practice that is generally condemned — you are likely to feel more respect for yourself; and others will respect you more.” We all can quickly tell if a man or woman is fapping … nervous … weak … fearful … has shame [trying to hide something] …

11. Improved Creativity and Resourcefulness

*Not all days are wonderful. Somedays are so-so …… many are common… some are difficult due to “flat line”… But who wants to go backwards — to weakness, shame and not respecting ourselves? You can change! You can be a stud (studette for the lassies)… Or you can choose PMO and feel like a dud. You are 100% in control — you call the shots!

1. Are You Tempted? Get up off of your buttski and GO OUTSIDE*. This BECOMES A HABIT. (A habit that always works.)
* Exercise, meditate, work on your hobby, go visit a friend, walk the dog, call a relative/friend/etc, go for a drive, go buy yourself a Reward for having self discipline, etc.

2. Every (AM) I listen to an encouraging or positive message; sermon; etc. This puts a ‘theme’ or ‘positive influence’ for the day. It works very good. Sometime I do the same thing in the afternoon …… evening…..

3. If you get tired …… take a rest …….. or nap. Your brain is ‘reconfiguring’… “recomputing”…

4. “Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time” — saying by Steve Arterburn. (One Victory at a time …. one day at a time.)

5. Fasting — occasionally I will fast from food. Doing a water only fast for 1/4… 1/2 … or 3/4 days — or longer for you hard core peoples. Fasting helps you develop & have self-discipline.

You can do it !!!!!!!


LINK – 40 + days No PMO (Benefits and Tips)

by 220woof671