NoFap: Better social anxiety benefits than with drugs

I suffer from social anxiety and here I give an example how nofap affects me:

I work in an open-plan-office and everyone says “good morning” when they arrive at work. However, I am never able to say it loudly enough so only the nearest guy will reply and no one else. I have severe anxiety and tension that prevents me from saying things loudly enough.

However, on a streak I naturally say ‘good morning’ so loudly that everyone in the house replies. It’s not about “trying more” but it just comes naturally.

Nofap is literally doing something that social anxiety pharmaceutical pills coulds never do (I used to try several different SSRI-drugs). The pills did nothing while nofap eliminates SA.

At the same time I start to have vivid dremas, have motivation, increased speech cognition and increased focus. Music sounds better aswell. Is this shit related to dopamine?

LINK – Unbelievable social anxiety benefits

By NoFapGuru93