Nofap got me a job

Last year in 2017 I was a PMO addict, I had roughly 20 job interviews throughout the year and hardly ever heard back from any of them. I had low energy and zero motivation; I literally played video games and PMOd all day everyday for a year.

In October last year I discovered Nofap, I started watching videos and was inspired to give it a shot. I relapsed heaps in the first few weeks but eventually got a 7 day streak going. On day 7 I had another job interview, I felt so confident and ended up scoring the position 2 days after, they even extended my contract until the end of 2019!

I believe this is because of Nofap.

Since then I have relapsed a handful of times but I am currently on a 52 day streak and plan to hit the 1 year mark.

Don’t give up guys and continue to become the best version of yourself!

Good luck my dudes!

LINK – Nofap got me a job!

by neckxdeepx