NoFap is REAL. I’ve experienced the benefits. My experience.

Anyone that says otherwise has not tried it. Doesn’t matter what science says. Saying jacking off is good for you etc. I’ve been on over 3 100day+ streaks and I’m on my best one now. So I’ve had experience and the difference is incredible. The energy and drive is what I feel the most. I talk to people, other men and notice how they don’t have the aggression I have. They haven’t felt this. They go home after a long day and stream their favourite pornos or actresses and then jerk off and feel a sense of easy euphoria, maybe depression afterwards with a sprinkle of guilt.

When you stop fapping you have to look outside of that and search for something that makes you smile, no matter how big or small. You notice the little things. Also If women is what you’re searching like a lot of you seem to be then you’ll be happy to know from my experience they do notice. I feel better about myself which in turn makes then see more value in me. It’s like they can smell it.

People can deny NoFap that’s fine but if we all here right now. Stay on this path, we can teach this to others and spread this worldwide.

I really believe in this, one of the greatest self improvement tools. IMHO.

No tldr from me either read or don’t.

I wish you all the best of luck; feel free to tell me your experiences in the comments.

LINK – NoFap is fucking REAL. I’ve experienced the benefits. My experience.

by godismymentor