NoFap taught me the way to a happy life full of fulfilment and connection

I managed to hit 220 days which I am extremely proud of as I hit 240 on my last streak, but I gave in and relapsed again unfortunately. Therefore, I will now be leaving Reddit, as I want to leave the internet behind completely and use it for strictly work and nothing else.

I have lived an amazing last year on NoFap the whole time with only 2 relapses, and it has completely changed my whole life, as I now basically live a life without porn. I am so proud of who I have become and I need to reclaim my identity back, as I know I can be better than myself.

Although my life has completely changed and I’m in an amazing position now, I realise that merely using the internet for anything other than work holds me back, and I need to let go of it to learn and re-discover myself again.

I will always treasure you guys on NoFap, every single one of you with your motivating posts and help and thank you from the bottom of my heart for transforming me into the man I am today, to be mature enough to take this next step. You have literally made me a happy man in life, something that holds countless value and you have taught me the way to a happy life full of fulfilment and connection, this is honestly the best community on the planet, keep at it guys!

Much love and farewell <3

LINK – My Goodbye to Reddit…

By RedditUser2359