Now I feel pumped to converse with attractive women


I don’t know if anyone else has felt this but I used to get sad for no particular reason when I met or saw a really attractive girl. At the time, I thought that was happening because I was already accepting that this girl wouldn’t want me as a partner, whether if she asks for it or not. I guess I was right about that.

I really was thinking if girls would want me as a partner without even knowing it, even if she is a random attractive person passing down the street.

After leaving porn for real not only I felt the sense of freedom (as a result of leaving an addiction), I also realized that relationships aren’t competitions, and I should see girls as who they are, regardless of their appearance, rather than seeing as potential partners. Now I even feel pumped up to start a conversation sometimes when I see someone attractive!

I also realized that I don’t feel a weird kind of pressure every time I go outside. Walking in a good posture, asking for directions etc. feel far more easier now. I suppose the self discipline really makes you to respect yourself more and boosts your confidence.

It’s heavily based on hormones I think so it’s hard to know without trying it. If you are new to nofap I highly suggest you trying it. It’s not that hard once you are really determined and it really pays off. If you are already a part of community, thank you for helping me fight with an addiction 😀

LINK – How I noticed my experience with nofap helped me