One year pornfree: I have mental clarity and joy once again

It has been a year – 365 days of NoP. Disclaimer: I totally respect the no PMO choice but my problem was with P.

At the age of 16, what I had been exposed to seemingly held me accountable for my worldview and view towards women. After many attempts, and help from this great community I made it for the long run.

Over the last year, I have formed new relationships, become a casual athlete, and found enjoyment for things I hadn’t before such as simply being around people and talking.

With something I take for granted; my mental clarity and lack of mental fog, I have had the clairvoyance to know which career I want to go down, and this has helped with stability.

Overcoming one addiction only came to help with another big one of mine: gaming.

As to not paint a picture of becoming ‘perfect’ and being unrealistic I want to be clear that I am not my complete self yet – but the change has been substantially for the better. For example, I still have self-destructive issues that I am working on, but this is improving for the better, also.

Please leave any comments and questions down below – I’d love to help and give advice just as this community has given to me.

One quote that got me through so many urges was the imagery of a ladder and also a campfire – the ladder steps were used as the campfire:

Over the top, it states “Do not burn your opportunities for a temporary comfort”.

Thanks for reading to the end and I know that, like me, you can do this. You know it too.

LINK – 1 Year (and my honest story)

By – u/hoogie147