One year report: Morning wood returned, less anxiety

smiling man

Started my streak on 22 July because I was fed up with my habit (2x-3x pmo day).
In the beginning, I thought to do this for maybe 6 months, then I became a moderator and I increase my streak to a year, then I joined “Lord of the rings challenge” and now my goal is 500 days minimum and maybe later I change it to forever cause there is no reason to repeat the same mistake again.
“Truth is better than fantasy”

Before starting this streak I wrote down every thought which comes to me when I relapsed so that I can review the feelings whenever urges are high.
How I manage my daily urges:-
*Work out
*Book reading
*Cycling, walking
*Deep breaths
*And most importantly I found the reason why I want to do this.

What I got of this streak:-
*Bigger friend circle
*Physically changed( more muscles,v shape body)
*bought bike(classic 350)
*Approached by girls
*More power, strength and stamina
*Less or no anxiety (manageable)
*Can talk to strangers…
*Morning wood
And much more

Also about social media-
I only use WhatsApp,nofap, youtube.

Thnx for reading

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