Overall, I’m filled with joy.


Ok guys, I’m extremely happy. I usually have this feeling in my life where everything seems to go the same way: if things go bad, everything starts to go bad, but when I’m doing well, it’s on all aspects of my life.

After 150 days, I’ve replaced porn with healthy habits: exercise every day, started up piano, I’m learning Italian on duolingo, I’m reading more and watching more films (I’m a film student so that’s a positive for me haha).

Yesterday I went to a classmate’s birthday party, and I finally had the balls to talk to a girl and kissed her, spent all night doing that (I also drank a lot, which is not that good because I’m feeling hungover now). I knew this girl was into me and I had to make a move. Now, I’m extremely proud that I did because it wouldn’t be the first time that I waste a chance like this. I’m hopeful for the future but trying to keep it realistic since I barely know her.

Today I also completed a 30-day streak on Duolingo for the first time.

Overall, I’m filled with joy.

What I take from this, and the most important thing you can learn from this process IMO, is that you have to grind it out day-in day-out to get to a win. But, the win is not all that matters, that “grind” is meaningful too. The fact that I did small things everyday kept me going and feeling satisfied and productive all this time, this is just the cherry on top.

As you can see, my post barely even mentioned Porn, while I believe it is important to focus on recovery (I come to this sub almost if not every day), it is more important to focus on the “peripherals” as an user once said (sorry for not remembering your name).

LINK –  150 days, everything lined up

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