PIED – 40 days in, “I swear I’ve never had such a strong erection!”

I reached 90 days today, on the day of my last exam this semester! I’m so happy I have been able to do this because I feel I have so much more control over myself, meaning that I feel less of a slave to my desires!

Before, I masturbated or watched porn when i needed to relax or just calm down, this is completely over.

I started my journey by reading ‘my brain on porn’ and I would recommend it to everyone starting this journey! I feel this book is the key to success because I could relate to it so well and it told me what continuing this destructive path of watching too much porn could do to me and has done to others!

The last straw for me before starting nofap was that for the second time in a row I had ED before having sex with a girl, my dick just felt lifeless and dead! TWO TIMES IN A ROW! And I even knew that it was because I masturbated too much! After the second time I realized I had to change something!

I never had trouble with talking to girls and have had a lot of casual sex but what does it matter if you can get a girl to want to have sex with you if you can’t have sex???

During my journey I also met a girl, I’m normally dating with her now but I waited ( especially for me ) a very long time before I dared to have sex with her because I was concerned about ED! After around 30-40 days I dared to do it and I swear I’ve never had such a strong erection!

It’s crazy for me that nowadays I get morning erections etc again bc in all my living years from 12 on I never had these.

One small tip for everyone starting! Don’t be scared when you experience flatline for around 20-30 days (for some even longer ) when you start no-fap it’s your body & brain trying to reset itself! You will get over it, relapsing for sure doesn’t help!!

<3 from Belgium! And I wish everyone good luck with their no-fap journey, GET THE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE BACK!

LINK – 90 days!!

By Shakyoctopus