Age 22 – Porn-induced ED cured after 120+ days

Posts like these used to lift my spirits when I was in the thick of my fight against PIED.

I’m here to tell you that no matter what you feel in the moment, that it WILL get better if you grind through.

Some thoughts I had during my worst that might also be happening to you for those also fighting PIED:

-I’m never getting cured

-Nofap doesn’t work

-This is taking too long

-I’m never having sex again

-I’m useless

-Fuck my life

I can say that I am now 100 % cured of PIED after sticking with it. I have not watched porn since August of 2019. I have masturbated around a handful of times but ONLY after 100+ days of no PMO. I am able to have sex, and multiple times within 1 session with 90 -100% hardness.

Some other random facts about my journey:

-I had multiple flatlines, some lasting weeks, some over a month of NO erections at all.

-Having a patient girl seemed to help my journey, and reignite my libido more than before.

-My libido isn’t as strong, and random throughout the day compared to when I watched porn daily. I am fine with this, as I don’t think it was normal to be thinking about sex 24/7 like I was before.

I will never watch porn again.

Feel free to ask questions about my ongoing journey.

LINK – PIED cured after 120+ days

by gaundrylasket