PIED cured – Consistent sex with girlfriend with no issues. I spent money on doctors for them to just tell me nothing was physically wrong


Well today I am starting day 1 again of none of this PMO or anything. I don’t have PIED again, but after experiencing it, I never want it again. It was scary as fuck and I spent money on doctors and a urologist for them to just tell me nothing was physically wrong.

So as the topic says, I relapsed while drinking before I went to sleep a week ago. Up until then, I had joined nofap to cure pied. It worked. Consistent sex with gf with no issues.

Unfortunately, I have been slowly slipping. I’ve caught myself subbing to sexy sub-reddits under the thinking that “it’s not porn”.

im just gonna go cold turkey again and be cognizant of how things can creep up….whether its sexy fb pics or whatever.

Its just bs that something so simple can render you a PIED guy if it gets you

I told [my GF] about it at one point and she said she didn’t believe me. It was never full on flaccid, just not as hard as i knew it should be. It freaked me out that i was tound and only getting a “semi”. I guess i just need to stay away from all sexually stimulating images

It’s a struggle. Stay strong, fellow fapstronauts.

LINK – PIED cured, no pmo since Sept 3rd. Relapsed while drunk about a week ago and have been slipping since

by downtownMalone09