PIED cured – I feel like a new man. I feel confident in social situations. No more anxiety. I laugh a lot more now.

Fighting my porn and masturbation addiction might be the best decision I’ve ever made.
Even though I can feel I can write a book on this subject now, I’m going to make it brief. By no means think this wasn’t a big deal. This changed my life.

Before finding YBOP:

  • I jacked off about 10 times a week for 12+ years
  • Porn tastes became much more extreme and not in alignment with what I actually like
  • Death-grip: I wasn’t sensitive enough for regular sex
  • Had sex with 5 different over those 12 years. I suffered PIED every time to varying degrees. I even got a prescription for Viagra.
  • I never actually had an orgasm from sex I was so desensitized
  • I didn’t understand how all of my friends could have sex lives but me. It led to a lot of feelings of resentment.
  • I had a boring social life went down the toilet ever since I found porn.

So yeah, my life was controlled by porn and masturbation. I figured ED is something you were born with. I was so anxious all the time I was about to go on some intense drugs my doctor suggested.

I stumbled on YBOP while browsing Reddit. Totally new life.

Speedbumps I hit along the way:

  • Relapsed: I relapsed a TON the first 18 months. I still felt benefits cutting it back.
  • Flatlined: Frequently when trying to get to my first 90 days. It’s very unnerving… stick with it though. It passes and your sex drive comes back more healthy
  • Edging: I found I struggled with it the first 400 or so days… especially having actual sex. It’s as if my brain would say “I know what this is… let’s do more”

Things that made all the difference:

  • Meditation: It didn’t seem to make a difference until 12 weeks or so. After I year, I really noticed the ability to observe my urges for what they were…. just a feeling.
  • TestFap The program taught me the basics of cognitive behavior therapy. CBT is maybe the best tool for fighting those urges during the first 90 or so days.
  • Developing an actual life: You need something to pull you away from porn and masturbation as much as you need techniques to cope with the urges. Find new hobbies, meet friends, find healthy things you enjoy.

730+ days porn and masturbation free:

  • I haven’t watched porn or masturbated to orgasm.
  • My morning wood is intimidating.
  • I had my first wet dream.
  • Real sex and real girls turn me on.
  • I’ve had sex with 16 amazing girls over the past 730 days.
  • I can feel and enjoy sex now.
  • I feel confident in social situations. No more anxiety.
  • I laugh a lot more now.

Girls noticed the changes in me about 70 days in. Old friends kept saying things like “It seems like you’ve changed, recently.”

To summarize, quitting porn and masturbation revolutionized my life. It’s hard but worth it.

Good luck to everyone. Stick with it. It’s well worth it.

I’m sitting on a plane from Cali to NY for the next five hours and they have WiFi. Feel free to ask me anything.

LINK – 730 Days. My Crazy Success Story.

By – FlyingToNY