PIED cured, More confident, Appreciate my woman more, Physically healthier, Greater eye contact

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Hi, I’ve been following this forum for quite some time reading and educating myself from other people’s experiences, to be honest after I gave up porn, I found myself here every day reading and motivating myself… so here we are in my 5th month about to enter my 6th! I was previously a 10-year addict.


  1. ED cured! Around the 70-80 day mark had successful sex with partner
  2. Eye contact, I use to always say I don’t like looking people in the eye little did I know it was because of shame! Now I keep eye contact and my partner even says she gets shy when I look at her because my eyes shine!
  3. My hair and beard got darker and thicker I was always a little on the fair side not to mention body hair grew back really quickly
  4. I’ve been a body builder since I was 14 but when I started no fap I had dropped a substantial amount of water and fat without even trying… it’s like my metabolism boosted
  5. My skin is incredible I have a literal shine when I sweat… my face looks re sculptured after all that water loss
  6. My penis is finally at its 100% fuller and bigger
  7. I am more confident and I have this idgaf attitude
  8. You have more clarity and the ability to get stuff done I no longer have to read something 2-3 times to comprehend it
  9. This is a big one I’m not as lazy anymore I have so much energy I get bored quick and I just bounce around and create projects or errands to do
  10. My voice got deeper within the first 8 weeks I don’t pay attention to it as much
  11. My cognitive ability is incredible especially my memory
  12. One of the main ones is that when I realised my porn addiction it allowed me for the first time to become vulnerable and look at myself and mind… for the first time in my life I’m addressing problems rather than wanking or iron therapy I sit down and ask myself what’s wrong? Why do you have these thoughts? Let’s fix it.. let’s be better
  13. Nofap opened the door to realise that I exercise a lot of rumination and pure O… a form of ocd and now I have a lot more control over these thoughts like I said acknowledge your problems and beat them
  14. Attraction is real women do notice you always it’s like they feel safe and comfortable around you it’s weird … and so do men they want to be around you whether it’s socialising or in general
  15. No fap Opens a door for you… gives you the mental strength and discipline to better yourself in every way I have given up many other addictions and cleanses myself of all chemicals bad for you
  16. You do find yourself attracted to the normal women rather then what we see in porn this was a big one for me after years of partying with beautiful women a had big shift in what I found attractive… not to mention you appreciate your woman more and you approach problems with clarity instead of anger like I previously use too

Sorry that’s all that comes to mind atm if there’s anything I missed please ask and I’ll give my 2 cents on it!!!!

Thanks brothers. Stay strong, we’re all gonna make it!


by Tommygamble