PIED cured. No more chronic fatigue. Got most beautiful girl in the world. I have more real friends.

Hello people, I’m not here to write an essay but ill tell you some benefits I’ve experienced during last 3 months.

  1. For starters I got rid of chronicle fatigue. This means more energy through day and more passion for life,started training kickbox again and back in great shape.
  2. I got a job, finally. I live like a man now, pay my own bills and bought myself a car. Parents and family take me very serious now.
  3. Got a most beautiful girl in the world. During summer I worked as waiter and my god, are women attacking you while on no fap. There wasn’t a single day I haven’t talked to a new girl and go out with her after job. Then one day this beautiful girl walked in and till now she is claiming she seduced me,not the other way, that’s my gf. Btw I’m not good looking, I’m just fit.
  4. Started finishing my college and getting good grades.
  5. I have more real friends as I escaped the cloud and could see who’s taking advantage of me.
  6. Big problem for me was PIED. Imagine having a beautiful girl on your bed ready for sex on a summer night, and you can’t get it up.. One of worst and embarrassing feeling. (that was my first time)
    This problem went away 2 months into relationship when i finally could relax and stop having panic attacks. Now we have sex on regular basis and my junk is working perfect.
  7. No more acne, better and healthier hair.

There are thousand more mini benefits but these are just some to motivate you guys to start doing this, I was skeptical too but was hooked when i experienced that childish happiness again.

Good luck boys and delete instagram 😉

LINK – My benefits of 3 months nofap

by justsauce96