PIED – Erections improving, taking it slow

It’s been a long journey (3 years) to reaching my goal of 120 days on hard mode. I used masturbate to porn 3-5 times daily and it caused me to develop porn-induced ED. Today, I can get an erection but I’m not 100% cured. I’m getting there though!

I have superpowers in the sense that I mastered the ability of conquering my sexual urges to masturbate to porn. I am never going back to porn ever again because I know I’ll fall back into the void I was once in. I’m not masturbating without porn either because I believe that it will be dangerous for me as well. I’m only going to ejaculate from having sex with a real human being.

I started dating a really good woman, taking it slow (because I secretly had PIED) and I knew that if I don’t recover from PIED, I’ll never be able to have sex with her, so that motivated me to commit to Nofap. 1 month later, I discover that she is a virgin who will remain that way till marriage. This completely took the pressure off of me because I used to fear that I would one day get into a relationship with a woman who would break up with me after discovering that I have PIED and that I can’t have sex for at least 90-120 days.

It was just the perfect situation for me to be in. She was very supportive and encouraging during my journey. Today, our relationship isn’t as serious because we are very different. We are more like best friends with benefits without the sex part.

I recommend that instead of masturbating to porn, use that energy to create a meaningful relationship with a special person that you are attracted to.

I’m 27 years old.  I am more confident, I work harder, and I have more energy, but I still have my ups and downs like all humans do. For example, sometimes I go to bed late for several nights in a row on weekdays which would of course affect my energy. Overall, I feel a lot better about myself and have no shame.

LINK – 121 days

By canadese_af