Severe PIED fully cured – I have a beautiful fiancé now and the best sex of my life

2 years ago I had severe porn-induced ED (PIED). I couldn’t maintain an erection even with pills (Viagra.). I had no hope and a serious depression because of my problem. I had dead dick with many girls and that made me have suicidal thoughts, insomnia. I was like a dead man with a dead penis. lol.

I went to many doctors. Every one they check my testosterone levels which is at the natural level and at the end all of them they said I’m fine. I’m just nervous.

I was on +8 months streak hard mode and here I’m now I’m fully cured and I have a beautiful girlfriend. She’s my fiancé now and I have the best sex of my life.

I’m so happy and I just wanted to tell you guys my story because PIED isn’t easy.

I want to give hope to some guys and if you have any questions you can text me you’re welcome brothers!

LINK – Severe pied cured

by ProfessionalBug6132