Age 34 – PIED healed quickly

Sharing my experience for you all. So I started no fap Jan 1, I fell down and fapped for 2 or 3 days after hitting the 33 day mark.

Since that time I’ve been taking magnesium supplements as well as vitamin D and ashwagandha. Whenever I’m faced with insomnia (which increases my likelihood of having wondering thoughts) , I take a sleep aide, melatonin tablets.

Having sex last night, I was very hard, rock solid. Also, I came very quickly, but here is the thing as well, after I came, I did not lose my erection!!!

I could have continued, but I took of the condom and went to bed after.

Now, I’m not sure if these supplements helped the pied process, however, I think that I no longer afflicted too badly by pied. I’ll do my best to never fap again or look at porn.

I am no longer feeling depressed and moody as I used to when I just started no fap and that could be attributed to the magnesium and proper sleep habits.

The next thing on my list is to start hitting the gym and cooking my own meals.

I’ll end by saying that no fap is perhaps one of the best thing a man could do, as it shifts our focus away from sex and women to focus on ourselves. Even if no fap is a placebo, it is better to work on yourself than cum all over the place.

Gents, don’t give up.

I am 34. I’m not sure of other benefits as I am practicing several other concepts together. What I do beleive is that no fap in conjuction with these other things has made me a better person overall. Other things I’m practicing include: waking up early (I wake up at 4am), tracking my habits daily (I use daylio as a micro journal and I track all my expenses with a budget app) and I’ve started taking care of myself (I use lotion, and other skin care products now like women and intend to do manicures, pedicures and massages every other month if I can afford it.) and reading about the philosophy of stoicism.

All these things add up and build discipline marginally and makes you FEEL better as a person. How you feel about yourself is very important. You will become more attractive to yourself and as a result become more attractive to other people.

No fap has been a great precursor for me to work on other things regarding myself as a whole. I would not advise anyone to look at no fap as a panacea for their problems in isolation.

Without these things, I’ve felt miserable and depressed. It’s not that these have went away, these feelings do still happen, but they are not as intense as they once were.

People don’t change until they have hit rock bottom. That is the best way to describe what had happened to me and why I started no fap. It takes a man to be able to hold himself in full account, to a have high standard.

LINK – 12 days no pmo, had sex last night.

By roivel