PIED is straight up gone. Sex life has never been better with my fiancée

Its past midnight on July 1. That means I’ve made it 6 motherfuckin months without PMO.

I honestly would not have thought this possible a few years ago. I thought I needed porn. I thought it was a necessary and healthy expression of my sex drive. What would I do without it? What lies I told myself, that I repeated from what I saw in the world.

I am not going to sit here and say it was always easy. I had my urges. In fact, sometimes I still think about just saying fuck it and going back. But something has changed because, the urges really never turn into action. I no longer have to catch myself making a plan to relapse and stop myself.

Now it’s…I just have better things to do with myself. In my head it will be great but I know how many times I have thought that in the past and the PIED and lost hours sitting there browsing for more and more new extreme things, the being dissatisfied with my real life woman because I can’t have my fantasy sex life…it’s just not worth all that bullshit.

The PIED is straight up gone. I feel like sex life has never been better with my fiancée. You think you get bored. But that’s not true. When you have only one woman who you share all your sexual experience with (since I sharply reduced MO as well…without porn and the over inflated sex drive, MO just isn’t that fun to be doing all the time), in fact you become more interested in her, desire her more, love her more.

It makes me think, what did I miss out on in the past because of porn? I thought I needed it but in fact it was a handicap, an albatross on my neck, a boulder chained to my leg. I thought I was less of a man because I didn’t fuck the women I saw in porn, but I feel more like a man than ever with just this one beautiful one.

Anyway, I have to thank God and this sub. Here is to six more, then another six, then another, then another…

LINK – 6 months.

by polynomials