PIED – I’m enjoying sex and not feeling like a desensitised zombie

I can’t believe that I’m finally making this post but here it is! I started over a year ago in October at the start of University, in my first year, after I started struggling with PMO’ing and not being able to get hard by myself. I went online and found this subreddit along with NoFap and couldn’t believe that there was a way I could fix my issue, I never believed that the way to recover was simply to stop watching porn and to stop masturbating to it.

I found out that I had PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) and that the only way to fix this was to abstain from all PMO and despite feeling terrible I knew what I had to do and that there was a light at the end of the dark tunnel I had been thrown in. Personally, for me it was so difficult being at University where everyone else was enjoying themselves, a lot of the time sexually, and there I was unable to do that – I was so upset and angry at myself for abusing my body and having no confidence in myself to speak to women. I knew I had to change and I knew what I had to do to change.

Fast forward several months and after many failed attempts I finally hit 72 days earlier this year but I relapsed and lost all confidence in myself, I suffered for a few months but got back to it after speaking to my Mum about my issues. I’m not sure what it was but it felt like a huge weight off of my shoulders speaking to her and ever since then I’ve been on this streak and I’ve never felt better. She understood my issues and didn’t judge me, she even apologised for not knowing about all of this herself and this is partly why I’m glad I’ve come here, to educate myself and make sure that I won’t make the same mistake for my own family when I’m older.

Opening up to my Mum was life-changing in terms of my Pornfree journey, I felt new confidence in myself and it’s all been looking up. Since then I’ve been with several women at my University and every single time, I’ve felt more and more normal. I’ve been enjoying sex and not feeling like a desensitised zombie. I’ve been living in the moment as well and not imagining porn when I’m with a woman who wants to be with me.

I’ve honestly forgotten nearly everything about porn because it’s been that long and I’m so happy. I’ve had absolutely 0 urges to watch porn in the last 2 months at least because I know that with a bit of effort and confidence in myself from eating well, studying, exercising and socialising I can find someone in real life and enjoy their company not masturbating to pixels on a screen pretending like I’m on top of the world.

I’ll be honest, the road here wasn’t easy and I never thought I could ever hit 90 days after I struggled to go 24 hours at the start. It’s taken me 14 months to finally hit this milestone and I’m telling all of you that the pain is worth it. Struggle and enjoy the pain because it is worth it, you won’t get anywhere in life without hardship but this hardship is worth it and I can back that up with my own experiences.

Finally, I want to thank each and every single person in this subreddit who has responded to my questions and helped calm me down back when I was afraid and alone. This is an amazing community and I want you all to keep on working hard on yourselves but also to keep sharing your experiences, motivating others and being there for those who are new and in need of help because they have nowhere else to turn; just posting a comment in response can be life-changing as it was for me.

Keep your heads up kings, success will come your way but work hard and never lose sight of your goal!

Ask me anything in the comments I’ll try my best to answer!


by Fapstronaut2020-21

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