PIED – Now rock hard and I had an actual orgasm!


I have been on nofap for 50 days now and I feel great! The reason for my nofap participation is my lack of arousal for real women, I thought I was asexual or gay or something… I had zero sex drive and every time I went to bed with a beautiful girl my penis did not do the thing I wanted it to do…. I was not nervous at all and I have no organic problem.. I couldt also feel love or affection… I just wanted to fuck which did not work

One day I came across a video of Gary Wilson who described Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction and the affects of pron on the brain! I almost cried because I knew the answer to my huge problem in life which was unexplained erectile dysfunction and abnormal low libido. I decided to look more into Nofap and read stories of great nofap personalities like Gabe Deem, Noah Church and Leonard Banks.

I relapsed a couple of times because of the flatline? Does my penis still work? I looked at porn and there you are… day 1 again! Now I am om day 50 and I can say my libido is higher than ever and I almost have a girlfriend, dating for a month but you know, not official yet :)

I decided to go 30 days hardmode to reboot my brain a bit and after that I tried to become sexual active to rewire my brain to real girls and thats when I met my present girl

Its been amazing! My dick finally works! I have been to her place 2 times now (yesterday and the day before)… I try to take it slow, just oral sex for now and later on in a couple of days, maybe a few weeks I want to escalate to penetration but not yet, lets rewire slowly… its a marathon not a race.

So anyway, the first day in her house she gave me oral sex and I was rock hard and I had an actual orgasm! The second day (the day after) she started to give me oral sex and this time me erection was even harder and faster! (Maybe it had something to do with me being nervous the first time) and I came again…. but a few moments later, like 2 hours we had been cuddling my dick was up again! Thw same night 2 times, so she gave me oral sex and I cam again:) it was amazing I cant even describe it. I was so horney and turned on by her, by a human, not a computer or actress, no just by a nice cute girl… it felt amazing and I almost cried to be honest.

Day 51 for me when I go to bed :)I feel amazing and fuck 90 days challenge, this is not a challenge this is a fucking lifestyle, I will never ever relapse to porn and musturbation again! Brothers I love you all and lets do this together.. much love!!

LINK – Day 51! Amazing benefit!

By Maikel1