PIED seems to be GONE. I have ambition to succeed in life.

90 days SR [semen retention], I can’t believe I made it, definitely better than where I was 90 days ago.

here’s my timeline

Day 0-7: started off very strong, consecutive days of NP and NF

Day 7-14: these days end up being the hardest for me, definitely after day 10 crazy urges and was about to relapse almost 4 times

Day 14-21: the storm is over, little to no benefits so far, something seems to be rebuilding tho

Day 21-30: this is where I felt like I got my “superpowers” from, just all in all felt so good and the best I ever was

Day 30-60: motivation wears off and Nofap is becoming a lifestyle, thinking about urges, but never getting consumed by them anymore

Day 60-90: in this stage, PIED seems to be GONE. It’s rock mode down there, absolutely no urges come to mind, starts to see the absolute beauty of women out there, and there are a lot, (abundance mindset fellas), Higher motivation and ambition to succeed in life and live like a king

Day 90-present: Looking to make NF and NP a lifestyle, feel like I’m on top of the world and can achieve anything I put my mind to

Pro Tip: I placed a bet with my friend that if I relapsed I would give him 1k and if he relapsed, likewise, we shook on it and ever since that, I knew 10 seconds of pleasure was not worth losing 1k of hard earned money

End note: Treat your body like a temple, your mind as a garden, and your home as a palace

LINK – 90 days without busting a nut 💦 +timeline

By allmoneyin50