Productive, creative, peaceful, organized, fewer mood swings, more sensitivity

I was first introduced to Porn by bad friends when I was 10 years old, days passed and I have never thought that watching Porn would impact my life this badly, maybe because I didn’t have the awareness to know the truth about this industry, or maybe I rejected the idea that porn might actually hurt me.

After all the searching, and studying, I finally discovered the Nofap community when my true recovery began, so I started reading people’s success stories and thoughts about this addiction, I got inspired and motivated so I began writing down my plans to get clean.

it took me 5 years of trying and failing until I finally gathered all of my resources and the knowledge I needed to turn this chapter and move forward with my life, and I’m honestly writing this post not to brag about myself but to give hope to people who are still going through hard times.

I still have a long way to go because I believe Nofap is the beginning of the journey to discover and reach my full potentials.

I do regret the 15 years of my life being addicted, depressed, and unmotivated, but after all, I’m here writing my success story and I’m actually smiling, feeling happier than the day I graduated from college, the feeling of freedom is so sweet.

So Here are some Benefits I noticed during the 90 days :
– Inner conflict is disappeared and feeling of guilt and shame is gone.
– became more productive and creative as I have more time and energy.
– took responsibility to take care of my family’s needs. I used to shut my family out and keep them away.
– I’ve become more calm and peaceful.
– I enjoy doing little things.
– I became more organized and motivated.
– fewer mood swings.
– I’m focusing more on improving myself as NoFap revealed the cons in my personality.
– feeling more sensitive to life and what’s around me.
– I no longer have distorted self-Image and improved self-esteem.

Here are some Resources helped along the way:

– your brain on Porn book by Gary Wilson, helped me understand how scientifically porn affects the brain, and how our brain changes when we watch it and how it becomes so addictive.

– the power of habit by Charles Duhigg, helped me understand how we develop habits and patterns and how to recognize those patterns to break free from any bad habit.

– porn free radio By Matt Dobschuetz, helped me connect the dots with my feelings and gain awareness of these feelings and how to deal with unpleasant emotions in a healthy way. He also talks about his experience as a porn addict in the past and how he managed to break free.

Brothers. I wish you all the best in your journey and trust me every day you fall and get back up is the day where you become stronger, thank you for your love and support.

note: excuse my English, it’s not my native language :))

LINK – I’m actually smiling 90 days NO PMO

By Steveal3aneef1