Age 23 – Quitting: Best thing that happened to me in 2018

I am at day 99.

Nofap has been the greatest thing that happened to me this year.

I have become so much more confident, driven & directed. I also freed up tons of time which I used to work out and I had lost a lot of weight because of that.

I think the source of all these benefits stem from 2 things –

  1. Confidence in oneself from being able to successfully overcome my urges and get rid of porn & masturbation completely.

  2. Testosterone

The benefits are real but they aren’t magic. Imagine it’s like you have more time & energy to put into improvement in other areas. Not only that, you become more driven due to confidence and the testosterone or sth.

Best thing really is the confidence & noticing girls checking you out.

Because of that I’m never going to watch porn and relapse.

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I’m 23.

I started nofap because I was compulsively addicted. I fapped when I was bored, I fapped when I couldn’t sleep,I fapped even when i didn’t want to… It was something I hated. I felt like I didn’t have control over myself.

I wanted to change that about myself but when a close friend told me he was on nofap and was day 10 at it. I got inspired and that made me want to get onboard. I never looked back since then.

UPDATE – Today, I reached 180 days on nofap, when I think about it, that’s doing the 90 days milestone twice consecutively. I’m so happy and here are some changes I experienced over this journey

Hey all, so today I reached a monumental milestone. 180 days – around 6 months of being on nofap. Lots of changes have happened and here they are –

  1. Drive – My desire to go after my dreams and goals in life is so much stronger & being on nofap, I have the extra resources (time & energy) to take action & invest in my dreams. Everyday, I no longer have to spend hours watching porn, I no longer feel brain fog & tired all the time and that has allowed me to get started on my dreams.
  2. Confidence with the ladies – When ppl say nofap make girls check u out, it’s not wrong. That’s because on nofap, you are generally more confident (which stems from your own ability to control yourself), energetic & alive. Automatically, these are good enough to make you stand out among a generation of guys jerking off to porn.

But on nofap, you appreciate women more. You appreciate their feelings, emotions & actions. They aren’t just things to turn us on. They are human and when you appreciate that truly, women recognise that & naturally gravitate to you.

  1. More Human – PMO deteriorates your dopamine-reward circuit really badly. It gives you immense satisfaction & pleasure without actually doing much. It makes you prone to instant gratification. This makes us appreciate other things less – things that take a longer time to give us that satisfaction, which is basically all good things in the world.

When you get off porn, you enjoy the little things more – talking to people, learning skills, creating & not just consuming.

and that naturally makes you stand out among peers who spend their time playing games, watching porn & just looking for instant gratification.

It returns you to what a capable human being should be by giving that taste of knowing how deeply satisfying long-term gratification can be.

Conclusion – If you are struggling & questioning yourself whether if it’s worth it to cut porn out of your life, I would go to the extent to say,

“if I have to choose the most dangerous addiction in the world that absolutely demands rehabilitative action towards it, without a single doubt, it’s porn & compulsive uncontrolled masturbation”

Godspeed bros. Keep going.