Real girls could not turn me on. Now, I feel intense attraction.

Before I used to be hooked on porn and I had ED with real girls, because real girls could not turn me on and when I was horny all I thought about was porn and jacking off to it. I was also into some fucked up shit back then.

But now, I think about real girls now and my mind does not go straight to porn, this is how it is supposed to be naturally.

Although I haven’t gone cold turkey the problem has been solved because the point of pornfree is to fixed the warped sexuality that porn creates which rewires the brain to only liking porn so imo at this point I don’t think fully cutting out porn is necessary so I only limit to once per week.

How I did it was I went cold turkey for a week then I started talking to girls. At first I couldn’t feel anything but it slowly came to me over time. And a week after that I started fantasizing about them while listening slow RnB music.

When fantasizing I don’t do it visually in my mind or else it is no different to porn, instead I do it from a pov and focus on emotion and physical sensation. I don’t think about rough sex, just slow and sensual because I need to train my mind to increase sensitivity.

And a week after that I met up with a girl I was talking to and the chemistry was great, I was feeling feelings I haven’t felt in a long time, I could feel the testosterone in my blood, it felt warm, and I could feel the intense attraction towards her. Yea and the sex was great, finally haha.

LINK – I got rid of my porn addiction

by ChickenStealer69420