Rebooting cured my ED and DE in approximately 3 months.

Basically, I started NF around 1 year ago, I didn’t really see the impact meaningfully and kept relapsing regardless and couldn’t ever beat a ten day streak.

However, I left NF yet kept its teachings with me, I got a partner, I solely rely on her for all forms of contact, I limit all PMO to ZERO and rely on PIV exclusively for that kind of release.

For the first few interactions with my new partner back in May it was not exactly great, it was hit and miss, a mixture of her enjoying it and not me and me enjoying it and not her, conflicting hugely.

After approximately 2 months of doing nothing but forcing myself through this while strictly not consuming P whatsoever, I noticed suddenly my ED which i convinced myself was permanent disappeared, I also noticed after about 3/4 months that my DE was cured, I can O from PIV every single time for the first time in five years.

I chose to come back to the community right now as I noticed P and PMO behaviour creeping up lately and I refuse to let it ruin me like it did for five years, so this is day 0. I’m treating this like the first time and taking it seriously.

Five whole years I told myself I was broken mentally and physically only for it to be a unhealthy obsession with P and death grip desensitisation.

So it does work, it cured my ED and DE in approximately 3 months. 90 days.

Don’t give up hope, I’m back and ready to join you guys again for mental well-being and keeping myself in check.

The community has always been unbelievably great and I thank you all for that.

Open to questions as usual!

LINKSuccess from DE and ED

By – u/KWHITY21