Rock hard manhood, new swagger with women


I started nofap about 2 months ago. For the past few years my confidence has been pretty low in a lot of social situations and i knew something needed to change. I have always exercised consistently, done well in school and had plenty of friends/relationships with women, but something wasn’t right.

I was having performance anxiety (ED) with women and it would totally destroy my self-esteem for a few weeks each time. It got to a point where I began to stop socializing as much because I was nervous of what would happen in case I took a women home (never want to feel like this again).

Since starting Nofap, everything has changed. I have had massive gains in weight lifting and started yoga, something that before I would be too nervous to start because I’d be worried about what others would think. Other than that, I wake up with rock hard manhood in the mornings, which makes me so happy to start each and every day.

I also have gained a new swagger with women. I make much better eye contact and have more intimate conversations with them. Every girl I talk to who I find attractive seems to give me the “fuck me” eyes. It’s incredible. I also noticed my relationships with friends and family is better too. I’m more patient, kind and loving. I feel amazing.

I have never been a huge porn fan, but frequent masturbation was definitely a big problem for me. Since taking on this new lifestyle I feel like a strong, confident man in both mind and body (I can literally feel testosterone flowing through me daily). I smile all the time and am loving life more each and every day.

LINK – Loving myself and life more than i ever have before

by Tee.grizzly22