PIED – rock-solid, more sensitive, and orgasm is intense

I’ve been trying to quit porn for about 7 months now, with a real serious effort starting this January, going 22 days without. (The longest I’ve ever gone previously was 12 days, which is insane to me considering I’ve been watching porn every day for the past 9 years.) I stumbled and relapsed in the beginning of February, but now I’m back on a 23-day streak and could not feel better.

Maybe TMI, but now when I masturbate without porn my erections are rock-solid, I’m more sensitive and the orgasm is intense. Before it was nearly impossible to masturbate to just my imagination, I needed porn.

Sex with my girlfriend was always a disaster because I couldn’t maintain an erection, but now I don’t even think twice about it, I’m so much more in the moment compared to before when I was watching porn.

Quitting porn has been difficult and I’ve failed so many times, but for the first time I feel like I’m actually improving in all the ways I’ve been wanting to. I still get urges to watch porn every now and again, especially because of lockdown and being at my computer a lot of the time, but I just think about how disappointed I’d be with myself if I gave in.

Basically, off porn I’ve regained my sensitivity, I’m more confident in bed, and I just feel more confident in general. I just thought I’d share this for anyone currently struggling to show that you’re better without porn and you will see improvement eventually.

LINK – After several months of trying to quit I finally feel like I’m seeing genuine improvement in myself

By JohnFudgingssss