Seen some major improvements in my life: More confidence, Less social anxiety, More firm in bed with women.


I’m new to this forum but I have been on the reboot path for over 5 years. I just wanted to say I feel successful going without porn or fapping for 4 months straight. I’ve gone 3 months-free a couple times and did the 1 month-off several times. My porn use has immensely dwindled down in both frequency and volume so to speak.

I feel pretty good about that and have seen some major improvements in my life in general (i.e. more confidence in self, less social anxiety, more firm in bed with women) but still feel I fall short.

My goal has been to go 8 months with no fap/porn. This has been very difficult and I’m back on the wagon with the will to make it 8 months-free from porn/fapping.

I’m thinking of going cold turkey as I’ve been watching porn for over 15 years. It has got to stop. I don’t think this gradual approach to quitting is ever going to work for me. I’m good at stopping things cold turkey such as drinking and smoking. I can go years without it but have the occasional smoke and drink here and then but it isn’t hard to quit those things as it is porn.

Still, I had to put this out there because it feels really good to write down and share with others that the longest I’ve gone is 4 months. 5 years ago I thought I would die before I could go no fap/porn for 4 months, let alone for 2 weeks.

Anyone have advice on this matter? If anyone here who’s gone more than 4 months can share their feedback that would be great!

And congrats to all the brothers going 2 months on here and beyond. I know how hard it is and 2 months is really good. Keep it up! The small wins do matter. It’s better than giving up, that’s for sure.

LINK – Success but still a long road ahead

BY – TJ983