Sense of Calmess all the time. Improved Brain Functioning. People respect and contact me more.


I would like to thank this community for providing us with the knowledge which is the ultimate blessing for us and without which we were suffering for a long time. Well my story started just like everyone else. Some day got to know about M, felt good and then continued doing it. Those days porn was not available readily but semi naked pics were there. I used to be pretty good during my academics (In top 3 every year) but started Ming.

In my secondary examination was very focused for studies so never got much time for M. As a result my grades improved a lot those 2-3 years, everyone knew me by name, I was the student teachers used to give examples of. So the idea of Nofap, Retention was not new, somehow I felt it was the wrong thing, draining my energy. Then after getting good marks in school went to college, and there started Ming frequently. Porn also came into picture. As a result grades suffered, anxiety, anger issuez, irritability all came. I thought these to be the byproducts of life not thinking that PMO was the reason behind this. Got a job later and increased PMO as a way of enjoying life and a reward for all the hard work put during college and school. This period of low energy, anxiety and M continued for 3 years and some 100 days ago came about this reddit. After reading many stories and experiences I realized why was I feeling demotivated all the time. Took the target of 30 days Hard Mode retention and then continued on that since then. Today is my 97th day and I have never been happier guys, it’s like reliving the time when I was the topper in school and everything seemed so easy, no stress and super brain power. So here are the list of benefits I have experienced:

1) Sense of Calmess all the time.

Earlier on PMO I was always agitated and always seeking new things to calm my running mind. It was like the mind was restless, continuously trying new things without thinking. Now I am more grounded. Nothing fazes me that much. I feel everything will be allright, the problems don’t seem insurmountable anymore. I will be to handle anything.

2) Improved Brain Functioning:

Earlier I used to spend so much time to study or do any mental work and the output was average. Now I read faster, grasping the meaning quickly and connecting different points with much ease. Also I don’t feel tired while studying for long periods, I can easily go on for 6 hrs continuous with full efficiency.

3) People respect and contact me more:

Earlier old contacts were forgotten, now it seems they all are remembering me from time to time, messaging me here and there. People are now calling me multiple times while earlier these things never happened. A friend of mine called me some days ago and I was unable to pick. Somedays later he again called me and then we talked. People are listening to me more, some are even nervous. One day I went to a shop to buy some stationery and the shopkeeper was smiling and showing me the stuffs suitable for my purpose. A distant uncle asked me one day to come and sit in his office. We talked for about half an hour and whle talking he gave me his daughter’s number. She is an Accountant in case I need any help on account etc lol. I was smiling inside and saved the number. Guys I can go on and on this. But it amazes me how they feel your energy, aura over the internet, it’s insane.

4) Girls attraction:

I know this is a hot topic here lol and I remember how at the start of my streak I used to read every story of girls attraction here lol. I was skeptic in the beginning but boy was I so wrong. Only a week within the streak the behaviour of family members changed, all becoming very sweet and caring. Over FB, old female friends started messaging, initiating contact. A girl even continued messaging me for many days when I didn’t reply her. They all started behaving a little submissive and somewhat scared also lol. Eye contacts from random girls in the market is now a normal thing. It does add to my vanity a bit but I am not into casual hookups so no point there. I have had a group of female friends but after realising that they were kind of evil and manipulative, I don’t contact them anymore. This is the things guys, while being on retention, you begin to see truth of people and things. Nothing will go unnoticed by you and when you realize that the so called friends of yours are just serving their purpose and don’t care much about you, you feel sad.

5) A sense of purpose and responsibility:

Guys this is the most important benefit. When you realize your own worth and power, you no longer get blinded by society or anything which is holding you back. Your thoughts cut to the core and you see things in their true colour. And with this insane energy and clarity, you feel a responsibility to contribute something to others. I now feel responsible to complete all my goals and provide value to my family, friends and society. I firmly believe if we are consistent in our actions, we can achieve anything. And with the power of Semen Retention on our side, everything is possible, everything is easy. It’s only a matter of deciding and keep doing the right thing.

With all these experiences it has been a learning lesson for my life guys. It is our birthright what we are enjoying in this journey. There are no superpowers, this is the way things are supposed to be for us. We are here to unlock our potential and fulfill our ambitions and retention is the backbone behind all of this. I have decided never to do M again in my life and for sexual relations, only with a true loving partner.

So keep doing this good thing, revitalise your whole existence. Physical strength, mental sharpness, girlfriend/boyfriend everything you wish to get is easy. In times of failures, dont beat yourself too much, get up quickly as possible. When urges come, suck your pelvic area inside and breathe out air rapidly. The vacuum created will help move the sexual energy to upwards region of the body.

Once again guys thanks a lot to all of you, your experiences have helped me a lot. Feel free to ask anything, I will provide my insights on the issue.

P.S.: Today, out of the blue I decided to write my story lol. Guess its the right time to write before the 100 day mark.

LINK – 97 days Semen Retention : Its all worth it

by PromisedKing